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Custom Dimension Packaging

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IMPAK Corporation has long set the standard for meeting unique packaging needs, including the production of custom dimension pouches. As companies find themselves up against a wider range of competitors, they must become more innovative in their approach to marketing their products. Many business owners have found the use of custom dimension pouches to be an effective marketing tool. For instance, rather than using a standard food-grade pouch for a single serving of Italian dressing, one of our customers decided he wanted a cruet-shaped pouch, which resulted in the elegant TuscanPak you see below.


The TuscanPak is currently
available for purchase.
Please see our information
on uniquely shaped stock
items below.

Other customers have requested
circular or triangular pouches;
dispenser tip pouches, irregularly
sized pouches, and even pouches
with extremely intricate dimensions
such as animal and star shaped

The problem with most packaging companies is that they must subcontract any customization requests to other companies, as they do not have the equipment or the means to fulfil these unique packaging requests themselves. With IMPAK you never have to worry about this. With our team of highly specialized engineers, coupled with advanced die-cutting equipment, we have the means to produce a package of any shape or size


Whatever your dimensional needs may be, IMPAK has the ability to meet them. Contact our technical staff at 310-715-6600
for assistance.


If you are looking for information on custom printed packaging, be sure to check out our Package Design Guide.

We currently have several pre-made uniquely shaped bags in stock such as circle bags, triangular bags, dispenser tip pouches and our popular TuscanPak. Learn more




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