What can a vacuum sealer do for you?

Over the years IMPAK has provided thousands of vacuum sealers and millions of bags to customers around the world. While many of our customers are related to the biomedical, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries, we have learned a great deal from our customers in unrelated fields.

Vacuum sealing can provide protection against Water, UV light, Wear & Tear, Rot, Mold and deacidification. It call also serve as a valuable space saver.

Below you can see an example using US Currency.

Before vacuum: 1.25"

After vacuum: 5/8"

The Household:

Beyond the typical use of vacuum technology in the kitchen to preserve food items, many of our customers are using our products outside the kitchen. Common applications are the preservation of important documentation; House Deeds, Birth Certificates, Health Records, Social Security Cards, Passports, Stocks and Bonds, Tax Records and even that emergency CASH you have stashed around the house.

Museums & Art Galleries:

Art collections and historical documentation can carry a high value or be considered invaluable. Museums and galleries across the US and Europe have been utilizing vacuum sealers to aid in the preservation of items that are placed into storage while they are not being displayed or utilized.

By removing oxygen and reducing the amount of light that comes in contact with these valuable items, oxidation, UV deterioration and deacidification will be minimized. Vacuum sealing will not only preserve the items it will help these item retain their value.

Banks & Corporations:

While vacuum sealing provides all the benefits listed above it can also serve as a valuable space saver. It has become a common practice for banks and large corporations that are required to holds years of records to vacuum seal records in order to save space (30% value reduction - MINIMUM).

Do you have a unique application or have preservation concerns?

Contact one of our preservation experts TODAY! 310-715-6600

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