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Chamber size 38.0" x 33.5"
Chamber height 8/200mm
Seal Length 26.0"/660mm
Distance between seal bars 28.5/725mm
Vacuum pump capacity 63m3/h (3hp)
Power/Amp 2kw/9A
Voltage 230V/3ph/60Hz
Machine weight 600 lbs. /272 kg
Machine size - L x W x H 38.0" x 32.0" x 40.0"
Standard Features:
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • PD-01 Digital control panel
  • Flat chamber for easy cleaning
  • Bladder activated sealing
  • Water resistant electrical box
  • Durable, removable aluminum cushion bar
  • BUSCH vacuum pump
  • Air assist
  • 6mm seal wire or cut-off
Shipping costs will be calculated and advised via email.

CHSC-800LR (1 unit)


Gas Flush: $779.00 

Top and Bottom Seal: $1,042.00 


  • Lid Height 10.0" or 12.0"
  • PNC-01 Computerized water resistant control panel
  • Single Phase motor available (up to 100m3/h,5hp)
  • Pump Size
  • Voltage
  • Gas Flush
  • Top and Bottom Seal
  • Soft Air
  • Mechanical Knife Cut-Off System

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