For the first time print buyer, there are several key issues which must be carefully considered or you will find yourself unable to meet deadlines, overwhelmed by design considerations and available options, unable to achieve your primary objective.

Our technical support staff makes presentations regularly at the major packaging design expositions. Herewith we will attempt to guide and educate the novice in order to save you both time, money and potential mental anguish.

The four keys to success are knowing your:

Volume (quantity)

Application (intended use)

Timeframe (when you need them)

Volume (quantity) - On a weekly basis, we are contacted by potential customers via email or telephone who unfortunately do not understand how important it is to have SOME idea of the quantity they require. “Your minimum required” is not a number. If your project or application requires 100 or 1000 bags for a test market, you are almost undoubtedly going to be looking for a premade bag. Premade pouches are available on many pages of the website and are especially valuable in that they represent an excellent value due to the existence of a significant volume customer providing a cost effective production base.

An additional reason to let us know your desired quantity, whether it is 1 or 1 million, is that if your need is urgent our technical personnel have the experience to determine if we have a similar item that is produced on a regular basis and could be provided to you in small volume to solve your product needs.

Timeframe - It often comes as a shock to the first time print buyer that a 7 to 8 week lead time is considered fast turn around in the printed packaging business. By asking for faster delivery time than 7 to 8 weeks without preparing for significant cost differences, one can only expect to be treated as a completely inexperienced individual whose project should be put aside for further consideration when all projects have been completed.