As a professional in the field, you are aware of the key considerations which MUST be fully reviewed and provided to the manufacturer before any reasonable cost or lead time commitment can be made.

These considerations are:

  • Material – the actual structure that will be used in the final package

  • Package style – Whether a stand up pouch, a flat 3 side seal pouch, a large gusset bag…or perhaps your company possesses automatic machinery which will apply the plastic zipper and form the bag from our preprinted roll stock.
  • Quantity – One reason the experienced professionals in the industry receive priority response from IMPAK technical support personnel is their clear understanding that with machinery operating in excess of 650 feet per minute it is virtually impossible to provide any intelligent recommendation without a projected quantity.

With over 62 materials in stock and the ability to produce flat pouches from 2” by 2” up to 67” by 114” or stand pouches in 3 different bottom gusset styles.