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Bovine Colostrum Bags from IMPAK

IMPAK is proud to announce our newest SpoutPAK™ designed exclusively for liquid colostrum applications.

Our one-gallon (4 liter) colostrum bags come in two fill styles: fill through spout, and fill through top. The fill through spout style is sealed on all four sides and closed with the cap, whereas the fill through top style has a 3.5” opening at the top through which you can fill, and then heat-seal.

The pouches can be pasteurized and frozen to prevent spoilage. They may also be safely reheated in a boiling bath. Read about the physical properties of these SpoutPAKs below.

Both transparent bags measure 11.125" X 12" with a 5.75" bottom gusset. A handle is die-cut into the corner of the pouch for carrying and/or placing on a hook between feedings.

The colostrum spout bags are 6.5 mils thick with a laminated layer of Nylon to prevent punctures and or bursting in the event of a drop. These pouches offer convenience and sanitary colostrum storage.

We are confident these are the quality colostrum storage solution that the calf and foal industry needs.

IMPAK is happy to provide samples or support, just contact us at

FTSSP1GPM5.5 11.125" x 12" x 5.75" (O.D.) Transparent SpoutPAK™ with 5.75" gusset and handle; spout: 23 mm; Filled through spout
108 fl. oz., 3,200 ml., 0.845 gal.
250 bags per Case
20 Bags @ $29.50

100 Bags @ $119.70

1 case-$265.80 / ea
2-4 cases-$236.30 / ea
5 + cases-$167.50 / ea

SP1GPM5.5 11.125" x 12" x 5.75" (O.D.) Transparent Stand up SpoutPAK™ with 5.75" bottom gusset and Handle. Cap: 22mm/1.0 inch
108 fl. oz., 3,200 ml., 0.845 gal.
250 bags per Case
20 Bags @ $24.50

50 Bags @ $55.50

1 case-$247.50 / ea
2-4 cases-$220.00 / ea
5-9 cases-$155.00 / ea
10-24 cases-$146.25 / ea
25+-$128.75 / ea

Material: PAKPM4K

This material provides good protection against corrosion and oxidation, used on items requiring moderate protection against the environment, the outer layer of polyester (Mylar) provides the structure with oxygen barrier properties 10x that of a polyethylene bag twice as thick.

Construction: PET/NY/LLDPE

Physical Properties
Total Thickness: 5.0 mil
Water Vapor Transmission Rate: (FED STD 101) 0.45 Gr./100in² 24 Hrs
O2 Transmission Rate: (ASTM 0-3985)) 0.55/Cc/100in²/24 Hrs.
Tensile Strength: (TAPPI T-404, TS-66) 12.5 Lb./In. (5.6kg)
Tear Strength: (T-414, TS-65) MS/CD 35gm.
Puncture Strength: (FED STD 101 METHOD 3030) 22 LB. (9.9kg)
Bursting Strength: (TAPPI T-403, TS-63) 48lb./In²

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