RSV2675 - Heavy Duty Rapid Sealer™

RSV2675 - Heavy Duty Rapid Sealer™

Starting Price: $4,760.00
Standard Features:

RSV2675 - Heavy Duty Rapid Sealer™

Heavy duty rapid sealer™ with Dual Heat Bars and Casters
Part Number: RSV2675
Price: $4,760.00

Need your packaging to be gas flushed?

Introducing the first Rapid Sealer™ with Gas Flush

The RSV2675 Continuous Vertical Rapid Sealer™ is capable of sealing bags up to 50" in height. Perfect for packaging Kraft or thick laminated materials. With a dual set of heating blocks this machine was designed to seal the toughest materials. It will generate up to 300 C°, and can heat seal most materials used in flexible packaging. The RSV2675 is an industrial grade large frame machine that can increase production and reduce costs at an affordable price.

Seal Temp Up to 300C x 4 heating blocks
Sealing Width 0.125" - 0.5"
Distance from conveyor to seal 17.75" - 35" max
Width of conveyor 94.5" x 13.75"
Voltage 110/60 or 220/50
Power 750W
Speed 8 meters per minute
Max bag weight 40 lbs
Weight of machine 1230 lbs

Part Number: SPK-RS1366

*PTFE Flouropolymer band for RSV2675 continuous band sealer; 26.75" flat


Part Number: SPK-RS980

Urethane drive belt for RSV2675 continuous band sealer; 13" flat


Part Number: SPK-R598

Urethane drive belt for RSV2675 continuous band sealer; 11.5" flat


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