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What Are Oxygen Absorbers? There are many types of Oxygen Absorbers available to cover a wide array of applications. The components of an Oxygen Absorber vary greatly, depending on what it is being used for, the water activity of the product being preserved, and many other factors. For most products, an admixture of iron powder, sodium and activated carbon (charcoal) has proven quite effective. Iron powder is the primary component, while sodium acts as an activator, causing the iron particles to rust, effectively reducing the oxygen level in the surrounding atmosphere to approximately 0.01% when used properly. Activated carbon acts as a gas absorbent, further preserving products and removing unsavory odors.While Oxygen Absorbers are not edible, they are not toxic. No harmful gases are created and the oxygen does not remove the fresh smell and taste of the product.

What Do Oxygen Absorbers Do? Oxygen Absorber Packets remove oxygen from airtight containers to below 0.01%, according to Food Industry standards, when used as directed. Upon exposure to air, iron in the packet immediately absorbs oxygen and breaks it down into harmless iron-oxide which is safely contained in the packet and does not contaminate the food.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Oxygen Absorbers?
  • Extends shelf life
  • Prevents growth of aerobic pathogens and spoilage organisms, including molds
  • Eliminates the need for additives such as BHA, BHT, sulfur dioxide, sorbates, benzoates, etc
  • Significantly improves keeping qualities of polyunsaturated fats and oils
  • Helps retain fresh-roasted flavor of coffee and nuts
  • Prevents oxidation of spice oleoresins present in spices themselves and in seasoned foods
  • Prevents oxidation of vitamins A, C and E
  • Extends life of pharmaceuticals
  • Use with gas flushing / vacuum packaging to absorb virtually all oxygen and absorb any oxygen that may permeate the package.

Typical Applications:
  • Flour and grain items
  • Pasta and noodles
  • Dried fruits and vegetable
  • Spices and seasonings
  • Nuts and candies
  • Coffee and tea
  • Whole fat dry foods
  • Pharmaceuticals and vitamins
  • Medical diagnostic kits and devices
  • Birdseed and pet food
  • Artwork and book preservation
Check out our Oxygen Absorber Fact Sheet

We also have a unique oxygen bag clip which will keep your oxygen absorbers safe after the bag is first opened. Click here to order.

Part Number Description Bag 1 Case 2-4 Cases 5-9 Cases 10+ Cases
Bag P/N: SF20PK200
Case P/N:SF20CS6K
20cc Oxygen Absorber.
20cc and 30cc are 'preferred' sizes for 2oz and 4oz beef jerky packages. 200/bag; 6,000/case
$154.07 $140.53 $134.66
Bag P/N: SF30PK200
Case P/N:SF30CS6K
30cc Oxygen Absorber.
20cc and 30cc are 'preferred' sizes for 2oz and 4oz beef jerky packages. 200/bag; 6,000/case
$194.90 $175.39 $161.00 $147.67
Bag P/N:SF50PK200
Case P/N: SF50CS5K
50cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Good for containers of a quart size or smaller.
Perfect for 6"x6" mylar® bags.
200/bag; 5,000/case
$163.45 $138.29 $123.68 $106.62
Bag P/N:SF100PK100
Case P/N: SF100CS2500
100cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Suggest using 3 of these in a #10 can or equivalent size container. 100/bag; 2,500/case
$192.45 $166.33 $126.88 $97.56
P/N: SF200CS1500 200cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Use with medium sized bag when not vacuuming. 50/bag; 1,500/case
$135.60 $116.35 $102.00 $94.30
Bag P/N: SF300PK50
Case P/N: SF300CS1500
300cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Use one for a #10 can or equivalent size. You can also use a number of these in a larger container, depending on residual air volume. 50/bag; 1,500/case
$128.00 $105.00 $98.30 $85.50
Bag P/N: SF500PK50
Case P/N: SF500CS1500
500cc Oxygen Absorbers.
An appropriate size when using three per 5 gallon bucket. 50/bag; 1,500/case
$169.80 $135.00 $127.50 $121.80
Oxygen Absorbers - 500cc
Free Shipping to the lower 48 states
Need Less? - Try our "Half Case" Special
Qty: 750
Bag P/N: SF750PK25
Case P/N: SF750CS750
750cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Suggest using 2 per 5 gallon bucket. 25/bag; 750/case
$214.84 $196.82 $158.97 $136.37
Oxygen Absorbers - 750cc & MylarFoil Bags 16.0" x 18.0" P/N 750PPK16VF4C18 750ct 16.0" x 18.0" bags (P/N: 16VF4C18)
This item is also available in PALLET QUANTITIES

750ct 750cc Oxygen Absorbers (P/N: SF750CS750)
Bag P/N: SF1KPK20
Case P/N: SF1KCS400
1000cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Suggest: Use 2 of these in a 5 gallon bucket, depending on residual air volume. 20/bag; 400/case
$132.32 $119.09 $112.48 $105.87
Bag P/N: SF15KPK25
Case P/N: SF15KCS500
1500cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Suggest: Use one of this size for a 5 or 6 gallon bucket. 25/bag; 500/case
$191.38 $170.06 $148.84 $128.58
Bag P/N: SF2KPK10
Case P/N: SF2KCS240
2000cc Oxygen Absorbers.
If you are storing food such as pasta, with a high residual air volume, you may want to use this size. Use one per 5 or 6 gallon bucket. 10/bag; 240/case
$127.73 $118.77 $111.42 $106.83

How to use the Tell-Tab

Oxygen Indicators Tablets ( Tell-Tab )

P/N Description Quantity


2PK0IT 2 Tell-Tab Oxygen Indicating Tablets/
Foil Barrier Pouch
Each Email for pricing and availability
10PK0IT 10 Tell-Tab Oxygen Indicating Tablets/
Clear Barrier Ziplok Bag
Each Email for pricing and availability
25PK0IT 25 Tell-Tab Oxygen Indicating Tablets/
Clear Barrier Ziplok Bag
Each Email for pricing and availability
50PK0IT 50 Tell-Tab Oxygen Indicating Tablets/
Clear Barrier Ziplok Bag
Each Email for pricing and availability
100PK0IT 100 Tell-Tab Oxygen Indicating Tablets/
Clear Barrier Ziplok Bag
Each Email for pricing and availability

Food Preservation How much oxygen absorbent capacity do you need for standard containers?

We recommend 1500 cc’s of oxygen absorbing capacity for 5 and 6 gallon pails, however if there is a high air volume in the bucket (think pasta, noodles, pet food), you’ll want to use 2000 cc's of oxygen absorber. Thus, for 1500 cc's you could use 5 individual 300 cc packets, or 3 individual 500 cc packets. For 2000 cc's you could use 4 of the 500 cc oxygen absorbers or you could 1 of our 2000 cc oxygen absorbers. You can’t ‘over-do’ – meaning that you can use a 2000 cc absorber in a 5 or 6 gallon pail even if it is a lower air volume item such as wheat, rice or oats.

Oxygen absorbers begin working within minutes of the package being opened. When packaging food for long-term storage, you should use the entire contents of one sealed vacuum packet bag within 30 to 60 minutes. If you know that you will be unable to use the entire quantity, set those packets aside in a small, clean, and dry glass jar with a secure screw-top lid. (A jam or pickle jar will work fine.) THE ABSORBERS WILL STAY GOOD IN THIS JAR FOR UP TO 3 MONTHS!

For a one gallon mylar bag or one gallon jar, we recommend using one 300 cc oxygen absorber.

For a one quart mylar bag or 1 quart canning jar, we recommend using one 50 cc oxygen absorber. You can also use the 50 cc oxygen absorber with the "pint size" mylar bags (they are approximately a pint size).

Bag Clips

To view images and full description of our bag clips, please visit our Bagclip Page

Part Number BGCLP01
Color White
Sealing Length 220 mm - 8.625"
Total Length 260 mm - 10.25"
Weight 52 g - 1.82 oz
Price 1-4 Clips @ $6.45/ea    |    5-19 Clips @ $4.95/ea    |    20-199 @ $4.55/ea    |    200+ @ $3.85/ea

Part Number BGCLP32
Color White
Sealing Length 320 mm - 12.5"
Total Length 362 mm - 14.252"
Weight 72 g - 2.52 oz
Price 1-4 Clips @ $7.40/ea    |    5-19 Clips @ $6.75/ea    |    20-49 @ $6.20/ea    |    50+ @ $5.85/ea

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