CHTC-420F - Tabletop Chamber Vacuum Sealer

chtc-420f tabletop chamber vacuum sealer


Tabletop Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Starting Price: $3,650.00
Standard Features:

  • • PD-01 Basic Digital Control Panel
  • • Stainless Steel Construction
  • • Clear See-Through Lid
  • • Bladder Activated Sealing
  • • Busch 08 Vacuum Pump
  • • 4mm Flat Seal or Cut-Off Seal
  • • Certified & labeled to meel UL, CSA & NSF
  • This unit requires a separate compressed air source capable of providing 80 PSI of clean, dry air.

CHTC-420F Tabletop Chamber Sealer

chtc-420f tabletop chamber sealer


Prepaid Price: $3,650.00

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IMPAK’s model CHTC-420F is one of our most popular table top vacuum chamber sealer models. The “F” in the model number lets you know that this machine features a single 17” seal bar in the front of the vacuum cavity area. Like all IMPAK chamber vacuum sealers this machine is ETL tested and certified and labeled as meeting UL and CSA safety standards for packaging equipment as well as NSF sanitary standards. This rugged functional machine utilizes an all # 304 stainless steel housing and vacuum cavity and features a Busch vacuum pump for reliable and powerful vacuum performance. The IMPAK PD-01 basic digital control panel allows the operator to quickly set the parameters for vacuum time, gas flush time (with optional gas flush system), seal time and cooling time with the accuracy of a digital readout. If your application requires more advanced control then the optional PNC-01 microprocessor based control panel may be just what you need. The PNC-01 allows for the vacuum to be controlled via time or vacuum pressure and also includes a 14 recipe memory, soft air venting as well as multi-stage gas flush capability just to name a few of the control options it offers the operator. This model comes standard with filler plates that help place the package being sealed at the proper height as well as cut down the cycle time for small packages by forcing excess air out of the vacuum cavity. An optional slant tray can replace the filler boards if you are working with a product that will have liquid inside the package. Other options such as a gas flush system, bi-active seal system and 220V/1PH power allow the CHTC-420F to handle a wide variety of applications.

IMPAK has supplied CHTC-420F machines for the following applications:

  • • Sous Vide
  • • Pharmaceutical Lab applications (no validation required)
  • • Test kitchens
  • • Electronic dry pack applications
  • • Pet food packaging
  • • Vacuum packaging baking mixes
  • • Many more
  • • Voltage
  • • Gas Flush
  • • Soft Air
  • • Custom Chamber Sizes Available
  • • PNC-01 Computerized water-resistant control panel (IP-56, 12 programs with oil indicator)
  • • Chamber depth 9.0"
  • • Air Regulator
  • • 6mm Flat Seal
For options, please contact

Chamber size 19.8" x 19.2"
Chamber depth 5+4/75+230mm
Seal bar length 17.7"/380mm
Vacuum pump capacity 21m3/h (1-1/4 hp/1kw)
Voltage 110V/1ph/60hz/16amp
Machine weight 220 lbs. /100 kg
Machine size - L x W x H 20.0" x 21.0" x 21.0"
chamber sealer technical drawing

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