ZipSeal™ Bags

A guide to choosing and purchasing the appropriate reclosable bag

There are three standard ways to produce a ZipSeal bag with a plastic zipper.

As all food companies and most industrial companies are aware, the most common way that a ZipSeal bag is produced for packaging applications is termed "tamper evident."

The focus of this page is on ZipSeal™ that are produced with both ends "open." Some may ask, "Why would you even produce a bag that is open on both ends?"

We do our best to insure product quality in terms of ZipSeal™ by using the highest grade locking type ZipSeal available. In fact, Impak Corporation has several other types of plastic zipper that are used for specific customers including dual track, leak resistant, string style, and our latest version for powdered products.

The primary value of a zipper pouch that is open on the zipper end and NOT tamper evident, is that there is NO heat sealer required to complete the packaging operation. A company that desires to ship a product in a ZipSeal bag that is "ready to be open end" may find it most efficient to use a pouch that is open on both ends, insert the product and seal the bottom.

Our very efficient band sealers can do this and emboss a lot code or other critical information into the seal while achieving production throughputs of at least 1,000 pouches per hour.

For a low cost/low volume solution, one of our 5.0mm manually operated hand sealers at a price well below $100.00 can provide the same solution.

*ZipSeal is a trademark of IMPAK Corporation.

Dimensions: 6.5" x 7.0" O.D.
P/N: 25MG06507TEZ
Packaging: 1000/case
Style: Tamper Evident Mylar® ZipSeal bag.
P/N 25MG06507TEZ
ONLINE ONLY SPECIAL!!! 1 CASE (1000) @ $58.00


Qty: 100

100 @ $17.50

Qty: 200

200 @ $28.00

Qty: 1000

1000 @ $95.50

Dimensions: 12.0" x 13.0" O.D.
P/N: 25MG1213OZE
Packaging: 100/case
Style: Open Zipper End Mylar® ZipSeal bag.
P/N 25MG1213OZE
ONLINE ONLY SPECIAL!!! 1 CASE (100) @ $16.90


Qty: 50

50 @ $24.50

Qty: 100

100 @ $37.50

Qty: 200

200 @ $70.50

P/N Description Quantity Price  

3.5"x 5.125" O.D.
3mil transparent
vacuum pouch
Open Both Ends w/ ZipSeal
100 $12.50
500 $52.50
1000 $90.50

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