IMPAK announces expansion of remanufacturing capabilities.

Heat Sealer Equipment Repair Services: Custom Made, Retrofit, Overhaul, Remanufacture:

  • Any Brand including Aline, Promax, Accu-Seal, Vertrod, Gramatech, Fuji, overseas brands and more.
  • WHO WE ARE...IMPAK is known for its production of flexible packaging and sorbents that help our customers achieve controlled atmosphere packaging solutions. We are also extremely proud of our world-class machinery group. The machinery group is an established leader in providing solutions to the most challenging demands in the market for thermal impulse and constant heat sealers. When it comes to heat sealing equipment that requires vacuum technology and capability, IMPAK equipment beats the competition, because we KNOW their products.

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    IMPAK has expanded our Customer Service Operation to include ASSESSMENT and overhaul of most Impulse Heat Sealers made by virtually any manufacturer WORLDWIDE including Aline, Accu-seal, Vertrod, PAC, Promax, Fuji and more. We can retrofit your existing equipment with the latest technology platform which runs on a Siemens HMI platform.

    Examples of past overhaul and retrofit projects:

    EXAMPLE 1: Remanufacture and Upgrade 60 and 72 inch Vertrod** Heat Sealers (Summer 2022)

    Need: Robust, temperature-controlled heat sealing for variable thicknesses of substrates

    Challenge: CML* has 6 Vertrod sealers that operated very reliably and consistently over the years. As a result of age, electronic parts and programs were scarce, and in many cases, no longer available.

    Solution: IMPAK offered two solutions:

    1. Replace their Vertrod sealers with new LFIG (Large Frame Industrial Grade) Heavy Duty impulse sealers which include IMPAK’s iS2 validatable temperature control system.
    2. Remanufacture six of their old Vertrod sealers utilizing IMPAK electronics, pneumatics, and iS2 temperature control systems.

    Because the sealers originally manufactured by Vertrod had served them so well, and because of their confidence in IMPAK’s ability to design an appropriate solution, CML* selected our remanufacturing alternative.

    Results: The advanced electronics and pneumatics provided for remarkably improved and accurate heat sealing, increased throughput, and drastically reduced cost of ownership, mainly from increased life of wearable (aka ‘consumable’) materials. These materials include PTFE (aka Teflon) covers, heat bands, insulator tape, and silicon compression sponge which, as a nature of impulse heating, wear over time. Temperature-controlled (as opposed to timed) heat sealing saves both materials and labor, from downtime and the time it takes to change out the materials.

    Throughput: up arrow Increased 3X
    Seal strength / integrity: up arrow Increased 2X
    Seal temp accuracy: up arrow Increased to 99.94%
    Cost of ownership (MRO): down arrow Decreased 50%

    before and after upgrades to Vertrod sealers

    Siemens PLC screens

    * We refer to our client as CML for “Composite Materials Leader” instead of their company name because of our commitment to their privacy and the terms of our NDA.

    ** Having invented the thermal heat sealing process more than 70 years ago (it is 2022 as of this writing), it’s no surprise Vertrod has sealers still in use today at industries ranging from packaging to composite material manufacturers. Originally located in Brooklyn NY, Vertrod ceased operations many years ago. Some of the sealers they made are still in operation; their rugged construction and long term reliability has allowed them to function when properly maintained by the user.

    EXAMPLE 2: Aline HD-60 Heavy Duty Large Frame Industrial Grade 60-inch Impulse Heat Sealers with Custom Designed Nozzle (Pet Products Leader (PPL*)) (1Q2021)

    Challenge: PPL, a world leader in the production of pet products, had a quantity of 10 individual, 60 inch long, Heavy Duty, (HD) Large Frame Industrial Grade impulse heat sealers with high speed vacuum function and custom designed vacuum nozzle (originally produced by Aline Corporation from 2005 to 2014.) PPL’s challenge started as a result of explosive demand for their products caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In conjunction with this sudden rise in demand for their products, they realized their existing sealers had degraded to the point that meeting their multi-shift operation schedule was jeopardized. To resolve PPL’s issue, IMPAK’s proposals to convert to a Siemens PLC based Temperature Control System was accepted by the customer.

    Solution: PPL chose to refurbish and upgrade existing sealers with the IMPAK iS2 Temperature Control System. It not only significantly increased throughput, it dramatically decreased consumable spare part expenditures by 78.6% (heater bands and PTFE Covers) and downtime and also, realized labor costs to change consumable spare parts.

    Siemens HMI controller

    The video below shows the refurbished Aline HD-60 LFIG Heavy Duty Impulse Sealer in action:

    Watch on YouTube: "Refurbished Aline HD-60 LFIG Heavy Duty Impulse Sealer in Action"

    *We refer to them as PPL, for “Pet Products Leader,” instead of their company name because of our commitment to their privacy and the terms of our NDA. (Spring-Summer 2021) Note: Although Aline went bankrupt in 2012, IMPAK Corporation’s Machinery Group is committed to supporting and manufacturing all of the equipment previously produced by Aline.

    EXAMPLE 3: Promax Heavy Duty Impulse Heat Sealer (HD-25) 25 inch

    Challenge: Sealing performance degraded and replacement parts became scarce for their existing heat sealers.

    Solution: Overhaul and upgrade to IMPAK’s iS2 Temperature Control System with Siemens HMI and expand seal length to 26.5 inches (673 mm.) (winter 2019)

    Promax impulse sealer retrofit

    EXAMPLE 4: Promax HD-1 One Inch Circular Heavy Duty Impulse Heat Sealer (US Government Agency)

    Challenge: Sealing performance degraded and replacement parts became scarce for their existing heat sealers.

    Solution: Overhaul and upgrade to IMPAK’s iS2 Temperature Control System with Siemens HMI. (winter 2019)

    Promax circular sealer retrofit

    circular seal detail circular seal detail

    One Inch Diameter Heating Block and Seal

    Heavy Duty Circular Sealer Video

    EXAMPLE 5: Aline HD-48 Heavy Duty Large Frame Industrial Grade Impulse Heat Sealer (Packaging Products Leader)

    Challenge: Their two Aline, 48-inch Heavy Duty (HD-48) Large Frame Industrial Grade Impulse Heat Sealers were no longer functioning and replacement parts were no longer available.

    Solution: Due to their frequency of use, the client decided to overhaul and upgrade their existing sealers and chose IMPAK to perform the upgrade to Siemens based PLC iS2 Temperature Control System.

    Aline sealer retrofit

    EXAMPLE 6: Aline 48 Inch Explosion Proof Sealer Retrofit

    Retrofitted Explosion Proof sealer for Lockheed Martin with IMPAK’s Intelligent Seal System, (iS2) Explosion Proof Foot pedal and other mechanical and electrical modifications.

    Aline Explosion Proof Sealer Retrofit

    Aline Horizontal Explosion Proof Impulse Heat Sealer

    Explosion Proof Sealer Retrofit panel

    Example of Siemens HMI screen

    Do you have a 20+ year old unit that needs to work in an explosion-proof environment – send us your machine and we’ll retrofit it with our iS² intelligent sealing system utilizing the most modern Siemens PLC and HMI – just ask Lockheed Martin.(See example screen shot below.)

    EXAMPLE 7: Accu-Seal 48 Inch Bar Sealer

    It doesn’t matter who built it originally or when – from the defunct A-line Corporation to the nonexistent Thermoseal equipment manufacturer or the well-respected Accu-Seal Corporation of San Diego, CA. For example, we have converted a 48” Accu-Seal bar sealer from a one sided into two sided heat when the company would not do it even though the end-user was located 7.6 miles from the Accu-seal facility.

    Accu-Seal Bar Sealer retrofit

    Accu-Seal dual heat band after upgrade

    EXAMPLE 8: Fuji vacuum sealers replaced, refurbished or brought to a level of functionality.

    We started with 17 units and were able to make 11 of them work again. Here is a picture of the 3 that are left.

    Fuji vacuum sealer refurbish   Fuji vacuum sealer replacement

    Fuji sealers (left) replaced with IMPAK stainless steel, All Electric Impulse, Vacuum Sealer (right)

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    How about a chamber unit with precise temperature and pressure controls large enough to hold a 72” X 84” object? Or a 3/8” seal on a 120” wide bar unit with a flying knife that is sealing 6 to 8 mil film, from a roll, and cutting it at the same time? WE HAVE DONE IT. See detials here:

    Evolution of Innovation in Capability and Scalability

    Heavy Duty(HD) 60" Impulse Sealer with Pneumatic Cutter and Intelligent Sealing System

    Heavy Duty(HD) 60" Impulse Sealer with Pneumatic Cutter and Intelligent Sealing System Demo