Sealing Equipment Purchase Guide

In today's demanding world of quality improvement in manufacturing, it is important for customers to take the time to research the equipment and the company they plan to purchase from.


An ideal machine is one that meets your current requirements and can handle your future expansion. It is important that you consider the following before investing in equipment:


Fast Turnaround

Outstanding production turnaround time on custom built equipment as well as pre-built or “almost ready to go” machinery, including a 36” vacuum sealer which is the standard for production in the semiconductor industry.

Short Lead Times

IMPAK’s practiced manufacturing processes allows for some of the fastest lead times in the industry, even on fully automatic and rotary systems.

Multiple Facilities

IMPAK has two manufacturing facilities and has multiple showrooms. Customers are encouraged to come and visit us to learn about the company and our machines. Each showroom has working machines to provide live demonstrations of IMPAK’s machinery.


IMPAK offers customers outstanding maintenance, training* and installation services. Proper installation and setup are key to new equipment performance and efficiency. IMPAK understands this, and this is why all IMPAK machines leave the factory calibrated for each customer's individual needs. IMPAK's technicians also train our customers on how to maximize performance and reduce machine downtime.

One reason you will find that we will ask for the flexible product that is going to be sealed in our equipment, even if we have received it when building a previous machine, is that the machine will be calibrated and set to that customer’s individual needs and requirements.

*Training: our technicians travel internationally to offer on-site installation and training.


One of the key features of IMPAK packaging lines are that they are designed to accommodate a range of different projects. IMPAK knows that production needs change as time goes on, and our lines are designed to grow with those needs. Each machine is engineered to handle a number of jobs and switch between those different jobs with little to no downtime. This makes IMPAK machines a far better investment when compared to the limited capabilities of our competitor's models.


IMPAK machines come with far more standard features and standardized parts than any competitor. Features like touch screen controls, job memory, and high quality components from suppliers like Siemens, Panasonic, Allen Bradley, Pneumatic Engineering, SMC, Festo, and Parker Hannifin are just a few examples. IMPAK provides technical documentation, printed instruction manuals, and exploded view diagrams, all part of the standard package. IMPAK has spent years designing and manufacturing equipment and understands our customers wants and needs.


IMPAK’s 35,000 sq. ft. warehouse holds 27,000 different parts. All main components are marked for easy identification for both the customer and the parts technician, providing fast identification and delivery.


IMPAK machinery is designed and manufactured in the USA. Over 80% of IMPAK's parts and products are manufactured in the USA by an American-owned companies.


IMPAK thinks and acts green. From our solar-powered facility to our low-water landscaping, we continue to show commitment and concern for the environment. We have been recycling everything from office paper, our machine oil, metal chips, scrap, paper board since our inception in 1993. In addition, IMPAK uses energy efficient products in its facilities including high spectrum high efficiency lighting to see better in the manufacturing environment.


Record keeping: IMPAK currently uses modern CRM software to keep a detailed account of everything including photographs, production log, tubes, material, label, samples, right down to the machine’s build date. We also installed rolling library racks to keep track of the thousands of machines and drawings that date back to orders placed prior to the 2000's.

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