bud rotprevent mold on hempbud rot

When you grow hemp to harness the medicinal properties of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG), you are probably well aware of the threat of mold and mildew to your crop. You can take great care to grow your plants in ideal conditions to prevent infection, but after harvesting and processing, the danger of spoilage is literally out of your hands.

Microbial threats include:

  • • Bud Rot, aka Gray Mold (Botrytis cinerea)
  • • Powdery Mildew (Golovinomyces cichoracearum & Podosphaera macularis)
  • • White Mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum)

Is mold dangerous?
Molds produce harmful mycotoxins, and are especially dangerous to immunocompromised people. And it certainly doesn't look appealing.

What conditions cause mold to grow?
Mold needs water and oxygen to survive. Protecting your product from these is crucial.

There's a lot of information out there about maintaining the ideal environment for your product after harvest, and a lot of it is wrong. At IMPAK, we are experts in packaging sensitive products that require a carefully controlled environment. Smart growers have learned that you need a bag that is a barrier to oxygen and moisture as well as with potent oxygen absorbers to prevent mold growth. This is the best way to protect your valuable product.

It's also a frugal choice. These sturdy bags can be reused multiple times, which helps with your bottom line and reduces waste.

Hemp Protection Bundles

We offer three different large high-barrier bags, multiple packets of powerful oxygen absorbers to be used in those bags, and heat sealers to keep the contents inside protected. You can reuse the bags several times (as long as the material is not punctured) but the oxygen absorbers only work once. With these bundles, you get 10 large bags and enough absorber packets for one use of each bag. If you want to reuse the bags, we have more oxygen absorbers!

large 3 side seal pouch and oxygen absorbers

Ten 30" x 51" MylarFoil 3-Side Seal Bags +
40 3000cc Oxygen Absorber Packets
(P/N ASY3051SF3K) - $109.10

  • ☛ made of 4.3 mil high-barrier material
  • ☛ easily fits inside a 55-gallon drum
  • ☛ enough material to re-seal multiple times
  • ☛ less volume than other pouches listed here, so fewer oxygen absorbers are needed
use four oxygen absorber packets each time with this pouch
large clear 3 side seal pouch and oxygen absorbers

Ten 48" x 48" Tansparent 3-Side Seal Bags +
80 3000cc Oxygen Absorber Packets
(P/N ASY4848SF3K) - $149.20

  • ☛ made of 3.0 mil transparent material
  • ☛ wide opening for easier filling
  • ☛ fits inside a 55-gallon drum with extra room inside the pouch
  • ☛ enough material to re-seal multiple times
use eight oxygen absorber packets each time with this pouch
large round bottom pouch and oxygen absorbers

Ten 38.75" x 54" x 23.25"D MylarFoil Round-Bottom Bags + 80 3000cc Oxygen Absorber Packets (P/N ASY3875SF3K) - $259.10

  • ☛ made of sturdy 5.0 mil high-barrier material
  • ☛ designed to fit a 55 gallon drum with maximum efficiency
  • ☛ plenty of durable foil material for multiple reuses
use eight oxygen absorber packets each time with this pouch

Don't forget the sealer!

IPK HotJaw Hand Sealer UnitTo get a quick and reliable seal on any of these bags, pair with an IPKHS-606T Hot Jaw Hand Sealer.

$112.80 | Quantity
Steps to Protect Your Product:
55 gallon drum liner
  1. Fill the bag with your product
  2. Add the recommended number of unused oxygen absorber packets
  3. Seal the bag with a heat sealer close to the opening
  4. Transport - oxygen absorbers will be doing their job in the sealed bag
  5. When opening the bag after transport, cut just the sealed part at the top, keeping as much of the material for reuse as you can
  6. You should have enough bag left to repeat the process with the same bag and new absorbers