3.4" X 4" (OD) Black Tamper Evident Zipper Bag

2.75" x 3.25" (ID)

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Perhaps our most popular Tamper Evident bag, the 034MFB04ZTE is both durable and attractive. Made from 4.3 mils laminated Mylar film, these bags offer protection against punctures, oxygen and moisture contamination, and odor seepage. The Tamper Evident ZipSeal provides extra protection against product tampering, ensuring the overall integrity of your product. Each bag has a tear notch directly above the zipper, making opening these bags a breeze. The zipper allows the bag to be re-closed.

Buy 5 Cases and get $100.00 off the purchase of the FRB770 or DBF900 Band Sealers; or get $50.00 off the purchase of the 5FI350 Foot Pedal Sealer.
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Include Sealer With Purchase of 5 or More Cases 034MFB04ZTE:

FRB-770 Horizontal Tabletop Band Sealer
Regular Price: $795.00
Your Price: $695.00
DBF-900 Horizontal Tabletop Band Sealer
Regular Price: $905.00
Your Price: $805.00
5FI-350 14" Foot Pedal Sealer
Regular Price: $205.50
Your Price: $155.50
Please Note that these prices are ONLY available with the purchase of 5 or more cases of 034MFB04ZTE

What is Tamper Evident?

Typically, there are two types of Tamper Evident bags: Those with a zipper and those without a zipper. Unless custom made for a specific application, all Tamper Evident bags have tear notches near the closed end of the bag. As the term indicates, Tamper Evident implies that once sealed, any attempt to open the bag will be apparent. Each Tamper Evident bag is bottom fed and must be sealed with a heat sealer. Once they are sealed, the only way to open the bag is to tear open the closed end (the top of the bag).

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