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Side gusset bags in some ways represent one of the oldest forms of packaging ever, the classic brown paper shopping bag is actually a gusseted bag. The sides that fold in repesent a "gusset".

Impak Corporation produces a wide range of gusset bags and has the capability of producing them in any one of the 62 materials readily available on the production floor. One of the main applications for gusset pouches is its ability to add dimension to objects with height or width. Gusset bags have many practical applications, such as packaging coffee grounds, potpouri, spices, and organic teas. Above all, Impak represents a source for providing LARGE gusset bags to hold significant quantities of material whether in granular, powder, or other forms.


While we have a significant number of stock sizes of gusset bags in 7 different colors of aluminum foil in which they can be produced as well as our custom printing capabilities, it is important to know that whenever discussing a gusset bag the dimensions refer to the width, the height and the gusset in that order. So a request for quote (RFQ) that is PAKVF4 and 5" x 15" x 3.25" represents a MylarFoil structure that is 5.0 inches wide, 15.0 inches long with a side gusset that is 3.25 inches from front to back - 1.75" from the front to the center fold.


Our large gusset bags (in picture below) are 6.0 mils thick and 16.0" x 34.0" with a 5.5" side gusset.
We can produce gusset bags from our large machinery in a wide range of sizes. However, if you?re requirement or per order purchase volume is less than 1500 bags, it is our strongestrecommendation that you consider utilizing some of the unprinted bags we have readily available.


Large Gusset Bag (WHITE)
P/N: 16W34LSG055W
100 @ $1.88 each

Large Gusset Bag (WHITE)
P/N: 16W34LSG055W
10     @ $2.75 / each
50     @ $2.25 / each
100   @ $1.95 / each
500+ @ $1.91 / each

Part Number Dimensions Material 50+ Bags 100+ Bags 250+ Bags 500+ Bags Order
0525MFS17SG0475 5.25" x 4.75" x 17.0"
Side Gusset Pouch with Tear Notch
$0.3972/bag $0.365/bag $0.329/bag $0.299/bag

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