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We build bags for crates, power panels, machine tools even complete vehicles. These bags have three distinct features:

1. They are constructed of the highly puncture resistant PAKDRY1500 material which is also a  MOISTURE BARRIER (specification)
2. They have a flat bottom just like a brown paper shopping bag.
3. The bag can be closed at the top with our ultrahard *PTFE Flouropolymer coated HOTJAW  hand held sealer

Clean Room Applications

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Here is photo of a bag for an export crate as it is being completed:
Large Mylar Crating Bag
84.0" HIGH (7 Feet Tall)
72.0" WIDE (6 Feet Across)
64.0" DEEP (5 Feet 2 Inch front-back)

This is almost always a commercial product. Corporations understand specifications, drawings and prototype sample costs. For example the bag above is routinely produced in LOTS of 1200 for $66.00 each, so sampled are not provided - the soulution is the:

P/N CB-LBO - A PAKDRY1500 flexible "crate" made to your stated dimensions 200,000 - 350,000 square inches of material maximum $180.00
Quantity $180.00
P/N CB-SSO - A PAKDRY1500 flexible "crate" made to your stated dimensions 50,000 - 199,000 square inches of material maximum $125.00
Quantity $125.00
Add a *PTFE Flouropolymer coated handhold sealer
P/N HJ06TC (standard price: $118.00)
Quantity $98.50

How to get a format quote:
email the following information:
1) Bag dimensions: Length, Width, Height
2) Quantity Required
3) Desired Ship Date

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