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Mechanical Tube Coder

for Metal and Plastic

This Mechanical Tube Coder was designed to crimp the folded end of a metal tube, or the sealed end of a plastic tube. It holds 5 code dies, with choice of numbers or letters. Special longer die heads are available (to hold more characters).

Standard jaw length of 2.5" for tubes up to 1.5" diameter. Special jaw length of 4" for tubes up to 2.5" diameter.

Unit has an adjustable mechanical stop to control jaw pressure and prevent cutting.

Alesco Tube Coder - Crimper       Tube Crimper Illustration       Tube Crimper Illustration

Net Weight:
Standard: 8.5lbs.
With air assist: 18lbs.

Crimp/Code: CRP1495A, Manual w/2.5" jaw, 5 die capacity $1,060.00

CRP1495B, Manual w/4" jaw, 5 die capacity $1,306.25

Air assist (CRP1495AIR): $1,300.00

Extra die capacity (CRP1495XD): $390.11

Tube Crimped with Product Code                            
TYPE (code dies) priced w/machine purchase only.
(CRP1495LTRST) Letter sets, A-Z $398.25

(CRP1495NMBST) - Number sets, 0-9 $153.90

(CRP1495SPCR) - Spacer $10.25

(CRP1495LTR-X) Individual Letters or Numbers $16.80
Please change the "X" in the part number with the letter or number you would like to purchase.


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