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Factories with high volume production (20,000 - 50,000 bags/day) or even low volume production (200- 5,000 bags/day) use commercial heat sealing equipment. How does an individual or even an organization like a museum or an archaeological expedition seal up a barrier bag when they do not have a commercial heat sealer?

The answer is by using a simple household iron.

There are three steps in this process:

1. Place the bag on a flat surface. The two sides of the open end of the bag must be flat and without wrinkles.
2. Set the iron to "wool." The wool setting will be warm enough to seal the bag. You do not need to place a cloth or anything in between the iron and the surface of the bag. IMPORTANT. The material, which we provide for archival storage and international shipping, has been designed with a heat resistant outer layer. We accept no responsibility in attempting to do this with other packaging materials.

3. Seal the bag closed with the iron. Go over the bag several times in a three to four inch wide band creating a wide seal area. Watch closely for even small wrinkles. A small wrinkle in the seal can remove 95+% of the barrier proprieties of the bag.

This is a very easy procedure. If directions are followed correctly each bag takes about one minute to complete.

For professional, commercial grade seals we recommend our Hot Jaw sealer.

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