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Floating Head Vacuum Sealer (FHVS)


Gramatech is proud to introduce a new concept in vacuum packaging equipment. The new Floating Head Vacuum / Gas Flush machine was designed to handle large bulk package vacuum sealing applications. These units are available with seal lengths from 50 inches to over 100 inches and come standard with programmable logic controls and a fully counterweighted seal head design. These machines feature rugged all metal construction and many little extras, such as the seal only feature. If your company has bulk vacuum packaging requirements this is the machine for you.

Seal length: 50" to over 100" Seal width: ¼" standard, optional widths to ½"
Electrical: 220 VAC 1 phase Vacuum flow: 28 cfm Vacuum Pressure: 28" Hg.
Air consumption: 2 cfm

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Sealer

Net 30 Pricing is Available from the Company.

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