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Frequently AskedQuestions

For the Keepfresh Home Vacuum Sealer

1. Q: Do I have to purchase special bags?
1. A: No! Unlike other similar units (which can cost up to four times as much as ours), you do not need to buy a certain type of bag for this machine. The bags you use do, however, need to be bags designed for use as a vacuum bag.

2. Q: Can I use regular ZipSeal type bags with this unit?
2. A: Unfortunately, no regular ZipSeal type bags are not designed to hold a regular airtight vacuum.

3. Q: Do you have ZipSeal bags I can use?
3. A: Yes, our ZipSeal bags are open on the "bottom". They are 6" x 8" and cost $87.30 for a case of 1,000 - P/N V3Z0608

4. Q: My machine pulls a vacuum, but it's not a very good one. Why not?
4. A: For the best airtight seal, make sure that the item you are sealing inside the bag is as close (***Very important!!!***) to the vacuum nozzle (the silver tube that fits inside the bag) as possible. When the item is too far away from the nozzle, the plastic collapses in front of the tube and the machine's sensor tells the machine, that a vacuum has been achieved.

5. Q: My machine won't pull a vacuum. What's going on?
5. A: There is a plastic plug on the back of the machine. If you remove this plastic plug, you will see a rubber cap covering a tube. If that plug falls off or is not there for some reason, the unit will not pull a vacuum.

6. Q: Why can't I keep a bag airtight after I press the seal bar?
6. A: On occasion, the vacuum nozzle (the silver part you see when you pull the vacuum lever forward) will get stuck when you hit the seal bar. There is an easy solution to the problem. After pulling a seal on your bag, press the seal bar and immediately release it. Then immediately press the seal bar again and wait for the beep telling you that the bag has been properly sealed.

7. Q: I'm trying to seal the bag without the vacuum and it won't create a good heat seal. Why not?
7. A: There's a good chance that the heat strips are worn out. Change the heat strips and it should work just fine.

8. Q: Why don't my channel machine brand bags work in your sealer?
8. A: The bags with the "patterned surface" are designed only to work as vacuum bags in the machines they were specifically designed (that is why they are so expensive). But you can still heat seal them in the Keepfresh Home Vacuum Sealer unit. However, you can not vacuum seal them.

9. Q: Do you have bags that will work in my type of channel machine?
9. A: Yes, we have channel bags that are "patterned, embossed, designed for use in most popular brand machines and others that REQUIRE this type of bag.

10. Q: What are the advantages of the Keepfresh Home Vacuum Sealer over other "channel bag" machines?
10. A:
1. Machine is lighter and has a more space saving design.
2. Keepfresh Home Vacuum Sealer can seal "freezer pop" bags - 2.5" x 10.0"
3. A cost comparison between "special" bags that must be used with channel-style machines is HUGE! Compare the price difference and you will realize that if you need 200 bags - the savings is at least $42.00 and that is if you have discovered our website. Our website has the most competitive supply of channel bags (and the most sizes!)
4. Other advantages being discovered all the time go to Testimonials.

11. Q: What if I need my machine repaired after the six month warranty period?
11. A: It is necessary to ship the machine via UPS (insured) to our facility. ATTN: REPAIRS-MEF and provide a $25.00 prepayment.

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