Printed Film Proof

The ability IMPAK has to provide a printed film proof is a capability that sets us apart from many other companies.

The printed material attached to this information sheet represents high resolution gravure printing on 48 gage polyester material. This is an important opportunity to note that despite the general public opinion that "mylar" is a silver material, it is actually a clear film made from 100% polyester resin or polyester "plastic."

Polyester film is often referred to as "PET." The attached printed example represents the outermost layer used to produce more than 85% of the printed multi-layer flexible packaging worldwide.

Numerous standard IMPAK structures that are available in unprinted form, such as PAKVF4C, PAKVF4, and PAKPM4 are flexible packaging structures with an outer layer of PET (aka Mylar®) laminated to one or more additional layers, including aluminum foil, nylon, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and others, including metallized polyester (VMPET) which gives a product the shiny silver layer that is often assumed to be "mylar."

It is this printed outer layer which forms the basis of a large number of printed packages, including #3 (printed A size 2ounce stand bag) #6 (Printed C size aluminum foil high gas moisture vapor & oxygen) barrier material with dual track vapor barrier ZipSeal™ feature, #8 Advantage Health (D size custom printed stand pouch,) 3b (Baraka food bar) and many others enclosed within the PSK Product Selection Kit.

The ability to provide a printed film proof is a significant step beyond both a PDF file as normally provided for approval and a paper proof as generated by a high resolution paper printer. A film proof requires the time and expense to set up the equipment and print the top most layer of a multi-layer structure using exactly the same printing process as will be used in final production. It is a decision to be chosen carefully as it will require both a significant additional cost and delay actual production. However, there are situations when only a review of the actual final image will do and the time delay and expense can be justified. In those situations, IMPAK Corporation is the smart choice™ to obtain a printed film proof for evaluation and approval.

Please contact your account representative for further details and pricing which is subject to machine availability and the complexity of the image to be printed. Pre-payment is a requirement of any order for a printed film proof as is the understanding that set up and takedown represents a significant and additional cost and additional time MUST be added ANY quoted leadtime.

Revised: November 2008

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