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  1. What is the shipping policy?

  2. Same day shipping

  3. Real time online order tracking

  4. When does an order ship?

  5. Signature Requirement

  6. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories.

  7. If you receive the wrong item.

  8. Damaged in shipping

  9. FedEx Refund policy

  10. How much is shipping?

  11. Weekend and Holiday deliveries

1. What is the shipping policy?

  • We do not ship Weekends or National holidays.

  • Orders for most items ship within 3-5 busines days.

  • Orders are shipped as per your request on the order form.

  • Large orders ship via LTL Truck.

  • All orders must ship to a physical address.

  • You must specify information such as commercial or residential delivery.

  • Special Services: Lift gate and inside delivery are arranged upon request.

  • Accounting approval must be obtained before the order is shipped.

  • Shipping may be delayed due to any incorrect information; we will notify you if your order is delayed.

2. Same day shipping

  • We ship orders on a first come first served basis. Upon your request, same day shipment will be considered with a minimal fee of $50.00

  • All same day shipments will only be processed after agreement to pay for the expedited charges.

  • Same day shipments do NOT ship on customers account.

3. Real-time Online Order Tracking

  • When your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping notification via email.

NOTICE: Tracking numbers can only be emailed, do not call for a tracking number. If you do not receive a tracking number, Email our Shipping Department

4. When does an order get shipped?

  • All orders are shipped within 3-5 business days of credit card confirmation. We will contact you if we anticipate a delay in your order.

5. Signature Requirement

  • For your security, Impak ships all orders with a Require Signature at time of delivery. Please select a delivery address where you can sign for your package when it arrives. If you cannot be at the delivery location during the business day, you may ask to waive the signature requirement at your own risk.

NOTE: Impak will not be liable in any way for the unfortunate nature of your neighbor’s dog or criminal element in your particular vicinity once the delivery agency has delivered it and the driver has noted successful delivery.

6. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Territories

  • We are proud to offer standard shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Military Post Office (APO/FPO)

7. If You Receive the Wrong Item

  • If there is an error with your order, You Must notify us (within 2 days of receiving your shipment) via Email and we will make arrangements to send a replacement promptly.

8. Damaged in Shipping

  • If your shipment was damaged in transit, You Must note all DAMAGES on scanner or Bill Of Lading before signing. Any product(s) returned must follow our Exchange and Return policy. Once noted notify Impak Corp. via Email

9. FedEx Refund Policy

  • Shipping refunds is your exclusive remedy in the event of a service failure for the recovery of all or any portion of the FedEx charges for a shipment. If the money-back guarantee is suspended, there is no remedy or recovery of charges for a service failure.

  • We will pay our clients the refund after we receive authorization and/or payment from FedEx.

  • We never offer time based refunds on FedEx Home or business Ground deliveries. However refunds can be of course issued for lost or damaged items based on the insurance limits as described above.

10. How much is shipping?

  • The cost of shipping will vary depending on where you are shipping, what is being shipped and how quickly wish to receive your order. As you checkout, you have the option to select next day, 2 day or FED EX Ground.

11. Weekend and Holiday Deliveries

  • We cannot guarantee weekend delivery.

  • We can not deliver on certain holidays including Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Your package will be delivered on the next regular shipping day following the holiday.


Below the case study from an actual customer, whom we have renamed "Miss" Hemingway in honor of the great american author - Ernest Hemingway.

This is a case in which a woman presumed that she did not receive her complete order and as has occured in 92.6% of these cases that IMPAK has reviewed, in fact she did receive her shipment as ordered.


Here is the resopnse from our Shipping Manager to "Ms. Hemingway."

Dear Ms. Hemingway

My name is Ernesto, I am the Manager of the Shipping Department for IMPAK Corporation. Your claim has been forwarded to our department for an investigation of your missing product. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

However, we have traced your order and pulled all information needed to come to a conclusion.

Based on the information gathered, it all points to your order being shipped as complete.

Below you will see a chart of your items and the way it was packaged:

1 P/N: 08MFW12L 1000 37.69
1 P/N: P75C2030 50 22
Enclosed P/N: OAP750 4 PKS of 50  
1 P/N: OAP300 1500 32.73
1 P/N: IPKHS-606T 1 3
1 P/N: 10VF4C16 250 16.28

As you can see on the above chart, the item 750OAP which you can't find was packaged inside the box of the P75C2030.

In many cases, sometimes the box is opened from the bottom side leaving the items enclosed below the other merchandise and not visible to the customer. If you can check on that box and see if you are able to find your product perhaps this will be the case in this claim.

I hope this information is useful. If you have any questions you may contact me directly at my personal Cell 323-555-5206 or at the company 323-555-4700 ext. 19


Shipping and Receiving Dept


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