epax - Mother Natures helper

These packets are a natural way to keep fruit and vegetables FRESH mush longer.

How do these packets work?
epax absorb ethylene gas. A gas produced by plants themselves which activates the ripening phase.

How long are epax effective?
On the outside of each packet is a space marked date:__________When you remove the epax from their outer package, you should write the date on the packet and dispose of them 35 to 45 days later. They cannot be regenerated like desiccant and should be thrown away in the trash. Do not open the package or eat the contents. {this may seem like a very silly and obvious statement but people have done so. There is a good possibility you will get quite sick, but you will survive.}

What is ethylene gas?
Ethylene gas is a naturally occuring gas and extremely small quantities of this gas activate and increase the ripening rate for plants. For our commercial customers, we have produced a technical article which may also be of interest to consumers. It is very important to understand that we are dealing with very small quantities of gas. This gas is measured in PPB and PPM-parts per billion and parts per million.

epax *- retail pack
Note: The minimum shipping and handling charge on all of our products is $8.50. Please note that you can order any number of additional items and the total shipping charge will be $8.50 for an order up to $50.00. Contents: three individual ethylene absorbing packets Price: $2.40/each/ (1 pack containing 3packets)

epax - Commercial Pack
Vacuum sealed pouch containing 25 individual packets. Price: $9.95

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