KeepFresh CounterMate Vacuum Sealers

The Professional-Quality Home Vacuum Sealers

The Complete Home Sealing System: Vacuum Sealing, Canning and Marinating.

*Made specifically for use with textured channel bags. The original KeepFresh vacuum sealer can seal smooth bags; see that product here: KF108 Sealers.

The snap close lid and easy operation of the Starter Series make it a household favorite, and the attached roll-dispenser with built in cutter makes the Deluxe series the popular all-in-one option, while the Professional Series in two sizes are favored by hunters and preppers, and the Masters Series is in a class of its own with its automatic operation. Included in all: Easy-to-use control panel, adjustable seal settings, a pulse vacuum option, catch tray for easy cleaning and a vacuum hose port for canning and marinating

Standard Features

Optional Features - Product Specific*

Starter Series

KeepFresh-EC CounterMate Starter - KeepFresh Starter Series, KF1225SSVS

The KeepFresh-EC is the alternative to the nozzle-style KF108; instead of a nozzle, the KeepFresh-EC uses an external chamber and vacuum seals textured bags such as FoodSaver® bags. The KeepFresh-EC CounterMate seals bags up to 12.2” wide, and creates a 2mm thin seal. A special snap-lock lid makes for easy operation and a pulse vacuum function offers incredible control over the vacuum strength. Includes a hose port for canning.


Bag Cutter: + $19.95 Vacuum Hose: + $1.95

Technical Specifications | Starter Nozzle Home Vacuum Sealer | Compatible Bags

Deluxe Series

KeepFresh EC - CounterMate Deluxe - KeepFresh Deluxe Series – BTC1225CGVSK

The all-in-one sealing system: includes a built-in roll dispenser with cutter, and built in vacuum hose with storage compartment (hose and adaptor included). Seals textured vacuum bags up to 12.2” wide. Easy snap close and seal operation with digital display and adjustable vacuum and seal time. Special design prevents liquid from entering pump, and removable sauce tray makes clean up easy.



Built-in Vacuum Hose & Bag Storage with Cutter Included

Technical Specifications | Compatible Bags

Professional Series

KeepFresh-EC CounterMate Pro L12 - KeepFresh Pro Series – BTC1225CGVS

The professional-grade vacuum sealer favored by hunters and preppers. The strong vacuum and automated seal process makes the CounterMate Pro an easy favorite for those looking for convenient operation with quality results. Vacuum hose port for canning and marinating included. Seals channel vacuum bags up to 12.2” wide, for seals up to 16” select the CounterMate Pro XL15.


Bag Cutter: + $19.95 Vacuum Hose: + $1.95

Technical Specifications | Compatible Bags

KeepFresh-EC CounterMate Pro XL15 KeepFresh Pro Series -- BTC16CGVS

A home vacuum sealer with professional results and a larger seal width: seals bags up to approximately 16”. This highly automated sealer has press and seal automation, or the option to activate vacuum and seal using the buttons conveniently located on the handle. The high pressure pump quickly removes air from the bag for lower residual oxygen levels, and lasting freshness. Vacuum hose port included for canning and marinating functions.


Bag Cutter: + $22.95 Vacuum Hose: + $1.95

Technical Specifications | Compatible Bags

Master Series

KeepFresh-EC CounterMate Master KeepFresh Master Series -- BTC1525CGVS

The KeepFresh sealer is highly automated bridges the gap between personal and professional use. It is ideal for home, lab and small production settings because of how easy it is to operate and clean. The fully enclosed system features an internal sealing process where a seal bar is activated with the touch of a button. This makes for an incredibly smooth and streamlined process. The enclosed format also makes the CounterMate Master one of the cleanest systems.


Bag Cutter: + $19.99 Vacuum Hose: + $1.95

Technical Specifications | Compatible Bags

Technical Specifications

Seal Length 12.25" 12.25" 12.25" 16.0" 15.25"
Seal Wire Width 2 mm 3 mm 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm
Max Bag Width (in) 12.20 12.20 12.20 15.98 15.35
Voltage 100-120v~60hz 100-120v~50hv 100-120v~60hz 100-120v~60hz 100-200v~60hz
Power 110w 230w 680w 580w 650w
Pump Single Dual Dual Dual Dual
Pump Pressure -23"Hg/-778mbar -28.3"Hg/-958mbar -28.3"Hg/-958mbar -28.3"Hg/-958mbar -28.3"Hg/-958mbar
Weight (lbs) 3.75 9.04 13.23 15.21 15.43
Manual Pulse Vacuum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Seal Time Indicatore No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Air Extraction Meter No No No No Yes
Extended Seal Time Function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cancel Button Yes No No No Yes
Built-in Bag Dispenser No Yes No No No
Vacuum Hose Port Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vacuum Hose Included No Yes No No No

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