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Choosing the right package for your product:

Introducing the IMPAK Corporation Package Design Guide, a written document that works in conjunction with the Product Selection Kit containing 29 different flexible packages and a review of their structures, styles and applications; together they are an invaluable tool for any organization or individual engaged in evaluating and selecting the appropriate package for a product.

IMPAK Corporation – produces custom printed pouches and packaging with an emphasis on materials with distinctive barrier properties (film property chart) to protect products from the adverse effects of moisture, oxygen, light, heat, cold, or any number of environmental factors are the result of our intitial business experience in the sorbent field involving desiccants for moisture and oxygen absorbers to provide preservative free packaging solutions.

Both rotogravue and “flexo” are available printing process options from IMPAK Corporation. Each option has certain advantages; recent advances in prepress cylinder engraving technology have allowed our company to deliver ‘gravure’ quality at flexo prices and made the high resolution rotogravure process the primary choice of package designers, engineers and marketers.

*Please Note: The cost associated with printing plates is solely for the engraving on the plates and in no way constitutes ownership by the customer. These plates belong exclusively to IMPAK Corporation and are non-transferable.



Artwork Submissions
If you have artwork you would like to submit, please go here.



Custom & Adhesive Labeling Services
IMPAK has the ability to create Custom Labels, as well as offers Adhesive Labeling Services


The Experienced Package Engineer or Designer
As a professional in the field, you are aware of the key considerations which MUST be fully reviewed and provided to the manufacturer before any reasonable cost or lead time commitment can be made. More...

Need a SMALL Quantity?
For the first time print buyer, there are several key issues which must be carefully considered or you will find yourself unable to meet deadlines, overwhelmed by design considerations and available options, unable to achieve your More...

Short Run Printing (Video Clip)
Short run printing is always a relative term. To a consumer products company that wants to produce a small quantity of units for a relatively small market. More...


Technical Considerations
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A Case Study
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Primer On Printed Packaging
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Medical Packaging Capabilities
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Artwork Submission Examples


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