Desiccant Paper

IMPAK’s multiple product lines of Desiccant Paper continue to offer some of the most diverse solutions to complex packaging and sorbent problems. Desiccant paper offers high capacity adsorption within a semi-rigid structure, which speaks to its incredible versatility in the packaging industry. Our desiccant paper features millions of adsorbent particles contained in a semi-rigid cellulose fiber matrix, which enables fast drying and extraordinary versatility in package design.

The finished pieces are able to be machine cut to meet a wide variety of technical drawing specifications or any specialized functions. With 2 grades and thicknesses of silica gel impregnated cellulose fibers and 1 industrial carbon paper, IMPAK now offers 3 distinctly different types of desiccant paper to meet the customer's needs.

Part Number Description Pricing & Ordering
GP460N5P0205 INACTIVE - 2.0" x 5.0" Desiccant Paper (5 sheets per pack)
DP0205I/PK INACTIVE - PreCut Test Packs: Desiccant paper 2.0" x 5.0" pieces (+/- .125") (4 stacks of 50 each/poly bag)
DP50SG0205I/PK INACTIVE - PreCut Test Packs: Desiccant paper 2.0" x 5.0" pieces (+/- .125") (4 stacks of 50 each/poly bag)
DP50SG0812I/5PK INACTIVE - Sample pack - 5 sheets of inactive desiccant paper (8.0" x 12.0")
DP50SG0812I/CS INACTIVE - Case of 100 inactive desiccant sheets (8.0" x 12.0")
DP50SG1212I/5PK INACTIVE - Sample pack - 5 sheets for prototypes and product development (12" x 12")
DP50SG1212I/CS INACTIVE - Desiccant paper
12" x 12" (100 sheets per case)
- 12" x 12" - 100 sheets of desiccant paper
DP50SGRL12F460 INACTIVE - 12.0" x 460+LF roll of non-activated desiccant paper on 6.0" core; approximately 67% silica gel by weight.
DP50SG0812A/5PK ACTIVE - Sample pack - 5 sheets of active desiccant paper (8.0" x 12.0")
DP50SG0812A/CS ACTIVE - Case of 100 active desiccant sheets (8.0" x 12.0")
DP50SG1212A/5PK ACTIVE - Sample pack - 5 sheets for prototypes and product development (12" x 12")
DP50SG1212A/CS ACTIVE - Desiccant paper
12" x 12" (100 sheets per case)

Anti-Fog Camera Strips

Prevent your camera from fogging with our affordable and reusable high-quality anti-fog inserts. Our anti-fog inserts are composed of silica gel and cellulose fiber for improved moisture adsorbing performance to guarantee sharp clear images at a low cost. Each package contains (12) 0.5" x 0.85" anti-fog inserts and includes regeneration instructions.


  • Packaged inside of a 6.0" x 6.5" transparent Tamper Evident resealable ZipSeal bag
  • Includes a 5 gram Molecuar Sieve desiccant packet, to offer protection against moisture exposure after the package has been opened
  • Eliminates fogging inside the camera housing for clear, sharp images
  • Can be reused countless times
  • Made with high quality silica gel on cellulose fiber
  • Comes with regeneration instructions

Part Number 1 Pack 2-4 Packs 5 + Packs: ↓ Best Deal ↓ Order

Silica Gel Paper applications

            Different Grades—that cover all of your packaging needs.

Grade 460

Grade 460 is IMPAK’s most popular desiccant paper product. Grade 460 is often referred to as the thick silica gel paper due to its thickness being a nominal 50 mils or 0.05”. The cellulose membrane ensures that even the smallest pieces maintain their form and also adds to the adsorptive capabilities of the sheets. Being comprised of 67% of Silica Gel by weight, this thicker grade offers increased adsorption capacity whilst still maintaining a low profile. The thick paper Grade 460 has been used in a wide variety of products, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic Components
  • Lateral Flow Devices
  • Bio-medical instruments
  • Biohazard adsorbent pads
  • Aerospace component storage
  • Anti-condensation for Lensed devices
  • Pharmaceutical goods storage (blister packs)

Grade 105

SG Paper 105 is IMPAK’s other readily available grade for desiccant paper. With a nominal thickness of 14 mils or 0.014”, this thinner grade is one third the size of the Grade 460 paper. The thin desiccant slips are effortlessly suited for applications where volume and strict space limitations are concerned without giving up its adsorptive capabilities. The thin SG paper 105 boasts a 40% silica gel embedded load making it less dusting while providing excellent water moisture uptake.
Thin Silica Gel desiccant paper advantages:

  • Relatively low auxiliary particle counts
  • High adsorption rate
  • Minimal invasiveness with product
  • Increased flexibility


C-Paper130 is the newest line to be added to the growing inventory of desiccant paper offered by the IMPAK Corporation.
C-Paper130 is highly specialized carbon saturated paper that can be used to not only adsorb water moisture but also to be used as an odor adsorber.  The Carbon paper is produce with high quality standards to ensure minimal dusting keeping particulates to minute levels.

IMPAK’s carbon paper is a semi-rigid structure with a nominal thickness of 35 mils or 0.35” permitting it to be used in between movable parts, which allow for increased health and longevity of mechanized components. The carbon sheets have a 40% carbon load with a semi-crystalline structure allowing for partial selection of macro molecules.

  • Carbon paper known applications:
  • Reduction or elimination of unwanted odors
  • Automotive anti-friction pads
  • Filtration systems
  • Prevention of rust
  • Used in garments industry to protect against Bio-hazardous chemicals

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