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How to Seal a mylar® Bag With an Iron

Open up the mylar® bag and put it in your bucket. Then pour the food you are planning on preserving into the bag. Be careful you don't over fill the bag. Next, put in the oxygen absorbers on top of the food.

To find out how what you'll need as far as oxygen absorbers, click here.

Place the edge of the mylar® bag on a board across the top of the bucket so one edge of the board is half way across the top of the opening of the bucket. Lay the bag over the top of the bucket and using the clothes iron or Eurosealer, iron the bag shut. Now that the bag is sealed closed, you can put the lid on the bucket and seal the lid down. It's as easy as that, you're finished with that bucket!

If you are filling lots of buckets at the same time, you might consider filling ten or more buckets at once. Have all ten of the buckets at the stage where the oxygen absorbers are to be thrown in. Then quickly add the absorbers to each bucket and quickly iron the bag shut. This would save your oxygen absorbers from having to be out in the air any longer than necessary. Before you started sealing your first bucket, you'd pull 20 absorbers out, lay them side by side, and complete the process on each of the ten buckets as quickly as possible.

With a little practice, you should be able to easily seal the ten bags in 5 minutes or less. With all the bags ironed shut, install the ten lids on the buckets, and you are done. If you are so lucky as to have access to a canning machine, the job is even simpler. Just toss an oxygen absorber on top of the food before you seal the lid on the can. It's as easy as that. If the oxygen absorbers are working they will create a vacuum. After a few hours the lids on the cans will pop down or the mylar® bags will pull in around the food in the buckets.

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