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Do your food products need desiccants? When used in conjunction with either a barrier bag (mylar® foil bag) or a sealed pail, there are usually no concerns regarding moisture damage. However, some people are very aware that the highly humid environment in which they reside is simply "a fact of life." In this case you may wish to use desiccant packs in the food storage container.

IMPORTANT: The desiccant packets must be placed at the bottom of the pail or barrier bag or in the middle of the food products. The desiccant bags must not be close to the oxygen absorbers. Desiccants will negatively affect the performance of the oxygen absorber when close by.

We supply desiccant packets made from Tyvek. Tyvek is a material acceptable for food product contact. We have 1 ounce and 5.5 gram packets available. The 1 ounce packets are packaged 10 and 50 per bag.

For those individuals and organizations for which humidity is a concern, we recommend two 1 ounce packets per 5 or 6 gallon pail, or two per large barrier bag. For some products that are already extremely dry and for which concern is minimal, you may use one packet.

For the smaller barrier bags (11.75" x 15") we recommend two of the 5.5 gram packets. Each packet is marked "1/6" on the outside.

For moisture-sensitive food, we recommend using one packet per #10 can (approximately gallon-size) of dehydrated foods.

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