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The NITROVAC by IMPAK is the ultimate machine for vacuum packaging fresh roasted whole bean and ground coffee. This unit was designed with the custom roaster in mind and comes standard with many of the most sought after features. The list of standard features includes single stage gas flush, four-nozzle system with independent nozzle control, automatic end-of-cycle cleaning purge and much more. The NITROVAC comes standard with an all stainless steel body, stand and shelf. The NITROVAC can be equipped with either an impulse or hot jaw seal system and is designed to handle all types of coffee pouches including the bottom gusseted stand up pouch. If you're ready for the ultimate coffee vacuum packaging unit check out the NITROVAC! Please Note: This machine requires a separate compressed air source capable of prividing 80 psi of clean, dry compressed air to operate.

  • Seal Lengths: 21"
  • Seal Width: 1/4" (Impulse System)
  • Seal Width: 5/8" (Hot Jaw System)
  • Vacuum Pressure: 26hg
  • Vacuum Flow: 5.5 cfm (Per Nozzle Set)
  • Air Consumption: 7.0 cfm (Max)
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 15 amps
  • Approximate Weight: 150 lbs (Unit Only)


Four Nozzle System

Four nozzles allows for maximum flexibility. The operator can switch off one set of nozzles when packaging a small sample run. The NITROVAC can become the ultimate seal only unit if both sets of nozzles are turned off and retracted.
The NITROVAC features four stainless steel nozzles. Each set of two nozzles has it's own retraction cylinder and can be independently cycled on or off.

Touch Screen

We are now using the following touch screen for all of our GVS series of vacuum sealers.

Unisonic Model V130 PLC:
  • This unit features a Graphic White LED display (128 x 64dpi.)
  • A built-in keypad which allows for easier data logging and recipes.
  • With all-in-one integral programming for human data access and PLC ladder logic.
  • A 24vdc power supply provides for additional safety, expansion/upgrade ready, and remote access capabilities.
  • This unit packs all the features normally found on very expensive PLC's.

    Gas Flush

    Gas Flushing with an inert food shielding gas, such as Nitrogen, allows for maximum shelf life for fresh packaged coffee. The NITROVAC's flexibility allows for either a gas flushed brick or soft packaged product.
    The NITROVAC's Gas Flush system allows for either gas flush / vacuum or vacuum / gas flush cycles. Gas and Vacuum systems are completely independent and delivered separately right up to the nozzles.

    Venturi Vacuum System

    With no moving or electrical parts the Venturi Vacuum System provides maximum vacuum with low noise and lasting durability.
    The heart of NITROVAC's Vacuum System is a High-Low-High all metal Venturi pump with no electrical or moving parts.

    Automatic Cleaning Purge

    The Automatic Cleaning Purge keeps your NITROVAC productive and minimized down time by forcing coffee particles out of the vacuum system.
    As the nozzles come back to station a reverse blast of high pressure air passes through the system to discharge stray particles.

    Stainless Steel Stand & Shelf

    All Stainless Steel means easy to clean, durable and able to perform year after year in any food packaging environment.
    The NITROVAC comes standard with heavy guage, high quality, stainless steel Stand, Work Shelf and Product Stop.


    • Hot Jaw Seal System
    • *PTFE Flouropolymer Coated Seal Jaw (Hot Jaw Only)
    • Casters
    • Digital Temperature Control (Hot Jaw Only)
    • Longer Seal Lengths
    • 220V
    • Clean Room Ready


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