Dri-Box Applications

SAFES, whether they are for a personal document and valuables storage or large units design for secure gun storage are an excellent application for the dri-box. The color change from blue to pink upon saturation, informs the user of when the product needs recharging.

Why does every Safe need a dri-box?

The pictures shown at left are of home safes designed for a wide range of applications.

Many safes are built to withstand extreme temperatures in the event of fire. In such a situation it would become even more important to have the air inside the safe with a dri-box. High temperatures allow moisture in the air to condense it to water vapor which can damage valuable documents and other items.

How to calculate the appropriate quantity of desiccant or number of dri-boxes to place inside a home safe.

The new factor of the unit will provide both O.D. and I.D. information. The I.D is the Inside Dimension which will provide you with the cubic feet of the safe.

Since each dri-box will lower the humidity within a 3 cubic foot area to a safe level is one which will prevent corrosion or tarnishing to metal items and prevent mold growth or moisture condensation damage to paper and cloth items.

Note: Please follow these simple instructions to calculate the volume inside your safe and determine the appropriate number of dri-boxes you will need.

Example A:

This safe has an Inside Dimension of:
45.5" W x 21.5" D x 18.5"

Multiply these three dimensions to get the total inches.
45.5 x 21.5 x 18.5 = 18097.625 inches.

Because this volume (18097.625) is inches you must first multiply the number of inches in a cubic foot, which is:
(12 x 12 x 12.)

12 x 12 x 12 = 1728

Divide your first total by your second total:
18097.625 ÷ 1728 = 10.47 cubic feet

1 Dri-Box will dry 2 3 cubic feet.
1500 - 1800 cubic inches.

4 Dri-Boxes could easily maintain a safe relative humidity within this unit.

What if I have a very large safe?

In a case of very large safes one might choose to use one or two dri-boxes because of their color indicating feature in conjunction with a large desiccant bag.

IMPAK has a standard product in which 10 1lb desiccant bags are provided in an aluminum foil sealed bag.

P/N: 10MFS2030U16

Each one of these bags will dry down 15 - 18 cubic feet and the additional bags can be stored inside the safe for future use.


16 unit bags (each weighs approximately 1lb. and is 7.5” x 10”) are perfect for overseas shipping, power panels, personal item storage, dry powder packaging, or mold & mildew prevention. The Tyvek cover is tear-resistant, clean, strong, and non-dusting. It is also liquid impermeable.

Regeneration instructions are written on the package

P/N: Description Order
10MFS2030U16 10 ea. 16 unit bags vacuum packaged in a foil ZipSeal barrier bag.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Handling of desiccants is critical to their performance. The moisture adsorption capacity of desiccant packets can be diminished by up to 25% within one hour or less of exposure depending on the RH of the environment. Care should be taken to ensure that desiccant packets are stored and handled properly to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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