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Retail Packaging Solutions

IMPAK Corporation came into existence in 1993 as a provider of highly technical quality based packaging to the biomedical industry. Since then as our capabilities have grown to include a wide range of flexible packaging options and high resolution printing, we have had the opportunity to provide products to much less technical customers that still have a great appreciation for our ability to produce a consistent high quality product.

One of the areas that has begun to emerge is Retail Packaging.

Cosmetic companies in particular have found that the quality printing capabilities of IMPAK Corporation meet their aesthetic requirements for excellent retail presentation. The picture shown at right is a window style stand bag produced for hair care product.

Other applications have included:

Retail packaging for clothing (see package for Puma Incorporated below) as well as cosmetic and other retail items. Most of these items were produced by IMPAK Corporation; virtually all of these items are within the realm of our capabilities.

Zamforia Industries " Potato Chip Style bag "
Packaging Application: T Shirts

Design by Humans - " T Shirt Mailer "
Packaging Application: T-Shirts

Please note that IMPAK considers retail food packaging to be distinctly different from other packages, as food packaging requires a technical review of the product's sensitivity to moisture, oxygen and other environmental factors in which an inappropriate choice of material may negatively affect the product.

↓ New Tamper Evident Bag With Window↓

P/N: 4DM0912ZTE
This stylish bag features rounded corners and a demetalized window

Dimensions Part Number Less Than case 1 Case 2 - 4 Cases 5 - 9 Cases  
9.0" x 12.0"
500 / case
50 Bags @ $33.00

100 Bags @$59.40
4.0 mil Pouch with Rounded Corners, Window, Tamper Evident ZipSeal & Tear Notch

Custom pouches

Our newest capability is the ability to cut specific shapes into the exterior layer of the laminated structure that provides the base material for bag production.

The " heart bag " is a stock item

Dimensions: 6.0" x 9.37" x 3.25" Stand up Pouch with clear HEART window.
Color: Brown
Packaging: 1000/case
Style: Kraft paper with aluminum foil layer.
Material: Kraft
Qty: 500

500 @ $99.50

Qty: 1000

1000 @ 155.50

Trial Qty: 20

20 @ $13.50

Size Part Number & Description 25 Bags 50 Bags 100 Bags 1 case
11.0" X 16.0" O.D. P/N: 1116PPH08625
3 side seal pouch with ZipSeal and hanger




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